On February 8, Denali, the eternal student, was born. She has it very clear: nurse. And for that she tries very hard, although getting into university will be very difficult for her, no matter how good her grades are.
Denali takes care of the little ones like an older sister. She’s also a great dancer and doesn’t miss a chance to prove it. And of course, when you talk about a joke or a game, she’ll be there!

At the moment we can’t tell you more about her; her family history and personal data are reserved for when you decide to sponsor her. And then she will tell you about her friends, the school, the things she likes… about her life. In her own handwriting.

Why not? You could even travel to Jaipur to meet her…



School Fees, books, school supplies, uniform and transport.
Food, medical care and treatments, dentist, clothing, etc.
COMPLETE SPONSORING (Schooling + Maintenance)