Indira is a box of surprises (!!). Nine years of age on 14 February. She is a good student, although she doesn’t emphasize what she should. Affectionate, playful and cheerful, she answers my question with a small mouth to affirm that “I don’t easily forget when someone bothers me”… although she smiles at the moment. He loves to eat hamburgers and his favorite game is the UNO of cards. When he grows up he wants to be a doctor, he has it very clear. Maybe that’s why he always helps to cure the little ones, putting bandages and iodine on them.

For now we can’t tell you more about her; her family history and personal data are reserved for when you decide to sponsor her. And then she will tell you about her friends, the school, the things she likes… about her life. In her own handwriting.

And why not? You could even travel to Jaipur to meet her…