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Volunteer + Himalayan Trekking

Kathmandu, the so-called “capital of Heaven” for hosting Nepal 8 of the 14 highest peaks in the world, is in the middle of a valley and at a height of 1317 meters above sea level. It is a city with a lot of personality that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its alleys, temples, squares and parks entertain any traveller with a little curiosity. The Nepalese, with their friendliness and hospitality, make you feel at home. Without a doubt, you will remember Durbar Square, the colourful district of Thamel or Patan, as well as its gastronomy or ancient cultural richness.

And if you choose the teaching project in the mountain villages, about 85 km from Kathmandu, you will live an experience of cultural immersion in deep Nepal. 


You will work hand in hand with local NGOs in one of the selected programs that really help the community.  Click in each one to see costs and details

A day of a Volunteer

The volunteers who will live with you come from all over the world and are very different people. But the fact of sharing this profound experience, prints the house of volunteers with a warm atmosphere of companionship and friendship that is perceived as soon as you land. It is something close, something special.

Thus, among friends, your day begins with a breakfast in the dining room before leaving for your project, where they will receive you with open arms since the volunteers are highly valued and respected in Nepal. You will work approx. from 9 to 12.30 or 13:00. A lunch, some free time, and again to work, which is nothing but a hugely rewarding time where your help will report more to you than to them.

In the afternoons, already back at the volunteer house, you will have free time to visit the city or carry out the cultural immersion activities of the program. And on weekends … free to rest, or to travel!


The Volunteer House Kathmandu is located in the same old center, next to the famous neighborhood of Thammel, and close to the projects (about 20 min. walk), and surrounded by shops, restaurants, etc.. This is a basic hostel, but with everything you need: shared rooms with chiller or AA, private or shared bathrooms, common lounge and dining room, TV, free wifi internet, washing machine with clothesline, bookstore, etc. And with all meals included. Everything so that you can concentrate on your work. The staff is very attentive and hospitable, and always have a smile for you. There is Ganesh, the host and programs director. And Chin, in charge of Trekking and Excursions.

In the Village Education project, volunteers live with host families and work in rural schools.

Thus is the travel we propose you…
are you really going to leave it for later??


If there’s one place in the world for trekking, it’s the Himalayas. The complex of Annapurna or Everest peaks will be the definitive trekking or hiking. A unique experience. We recommend you to do a trekking before or after your volunteering, since they require several days. Trekking of 5 or 13 days.

Sail on an inflatable raft along the Trishuli River, it is one of the most popular rafting rivers in all of Nepal. This river is composed of melting ice from Mount Ganesh and Langtang Himal. The Trishuli is one of the “beauties and beasts” of Nepal because it is not only beautiful, but also one of the most dangerous rivers in Nepal. 2 day tour.

It is the first National Park of the Kingdom, famous for housing many endangered species, such as the great Indian rhinoceros and the elusive Bengal Tiger. Jungle walks, canoe trips to visit the crocodiles of the Rapti River, a Jeep safari to see rhinoceroses and the “world of birds”. All the natural experience of Nepal. 3 day excursion. Includes Trishuli Rafting.


Helping is what moves us. And the more volunteers we can send, the better. That’s why we have specifically evaluated and selected these volunteer programs, always under two premises:

  • Maximum usefulness of the Volunteer for society.
  • Minimum cost for the Volunteer.

It is not about our organized programs, and therefore:

  • The costs of accommodation or meals are very low (or nil) and you will pay them directly there, as well as any excursion or activity you wish to do.
  • The supervision and assistance you will receive at the destination is less than the organized programs, but you will never be without someone to turn to in an emergency.
  • We will arrange a pre-reservation and inform you about vaccinations, visas …, but once we communicate yuo the availability of place and the data of the project and accommodation, everything will be in your hands.

Our mission is to select these projects, as well as volunteers. And it is not an easy task; we have visited, evaluated and discarded many projects because we understood that the usefulness for society did not justify the effort we all make. And it’s not easy to find volunteers like you either. For our work we only ask for a donation to our own project CiENViDAS Jaipur. And we will send you the corresponding Certificate of Donations, with which you will be able to deduct your help.

We are in charge of evaluating and selecting these projects for you, and you are in charge of working and being useful… That’s the deal.

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