At eight years old on January 1st (!!), our Sarayu is a very dedicated student, and even if she has to study on the floor or in bed, she dreams of being a teacher and her favourite subject is English. Although she gets angry easily (that’s what she says but it’s not that bad), she is always kind and loving. She loves to eat edali dosa sambar and play satolia, a traditional Indian game of 7 stones, but also hide and seek! I will only add that Sarayu, which means “Sacred River”, is pure happiness (a 9 out of 10 according to herself).

For now we can’t tell you more about her; her family history and personal details are reserved for when you decide to sponsor her. And then she will be the one to tell you about her friends, school, the things she likes… about her life. In her own handwriting.

And why not? You could even travel to Jaipur to meet her…



School Fees, books, school supplies, uniform and transport.
Food, medical care and treatments, dentist, clothing, etc.
COMPLETE SPONSORING (Schooling + Maintenance)