She was born on January 26, 2003 and loves going to school, where she goes to the 10th class and gets good grades, especially in sociology, her favorite subject (although she wants to be an interior designer). Uma is a very responsible girl and always helps to serve the food to everyone. By the way, she likes hamburgers (!!). And when it comes to play, she enjoys having a badminton racket in her hands. She has a good character, and although she gets angry easily, she forgives and forgets very very quickly. Is she happy? Well, a 10 is what she says.

We can’t tell you more about her now; her family history and personal details are reserved for when you decide to sponsor her. And then she will tell you herself about her friends, school, the things she likes… about her life. In her own handwriting.

And why not? You could even travel to Jaipur to meet her…


School Fees, books, school supplies, uniform and transport.
Food, medical care and treatments, dentist, clothing, etc.
COMPLETE SPONSORING (Schooling + Maintenance)