Sponsor a Girl


Mahí, Indra, Kushbu, Tanu… Those girls, all of them, are affectionate, close. They look you in the eye with sincerity and thanks. They are responsible and applied at school, they even win medals. They take care of the little ones with the consideration of an older sister. They are always willing to help, and of course, to play! … So are those girls.


In CiENViDAS we do not ask for a contribution to dedicate it to something else. We do not say that sponsoring costs €21 a month, simply because that money is not enough to get a girl forward. Only school fees already add up to that figure. When you sponsor with CiENViDAS, you know that your contribution goes to the specific girl and her real expenses. There is no small print. We do not dedicate your help to any other thing than her.



Every sponsored girl represents a lot…

1.. Because the schooling of the girl in particular is guaranteed, as well as her health care, her adequate nutrition and her training to have a full life. Even higher education when she leaves the orphanage, if the sponsor so wishes.

2.. Because each two girls sponsored, the orphanages of our partners NGO’s in Jaipur (Aashray Care Home and FAITH Aalingan) are able to shelter, care for and educate another girl affected/infected by HIV, and therefore, orphaned, marginalized and with little chance of having a decent life.

3.. Because each two girls sponsored, it is one girl more sheltered than a boy, which tends to equals the chances of survival. It is common to find only 30% of girls versus 70% of boys in orphanages.

4.. And because there will be a girl in India with whom you will have a special relationship.


Those are good reasons to spend less than 1€ a day… right?

“Sponsoring is something more.
It is a bond of friendship and gratitude, a commitment from person to person”

Changing a life is worth it


School fees, books, school supplies,
uniform and transport.
21 €/month

Food, medical care and
treatments, dentist, clothing, etc.
18 €/month

39 €/month

Choose the Girl you would like to Sponsor…


A Foundation is an entity with a very high level of legal control and supervision by the authorities, much more so than other types of entities such as “associations”. Trust. And for this, transparency is the key. That is why we decided that we wanted to be a Foundation, despite the complexity involved in its constitution and management. We want everyone to know what we do and we are always willing to send any evidence or documents that are requested. Trust… We dedicate our life to this work, and we want it to be very clear.