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Thailand is the country that everyone wants to visit, and for good reason. It’s the kind of place that appeals time and time again, mainly because it has so much to do. Thailand offers experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the world: dreamlike landscapes, ancient culture and beaches that will make you feel like you’re in paradise. In addition, the Thai people, with their friendliness and hospitality, make you feel at home.


You will work hand in hand with local NGOs in different projects.
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A day of a Volunteer

The volunteers who will live with you come from all over the world and are very different people. But the fact of sharing this profound experience, prints the house of volunteers with a warm atmosphere of companionship and friendship that is perceived as soon as you land. It is something close, something special.

Thus, among friends, your day begins with a breakfast in the dining room before leaving for your project, where they will receive you with open arms since the volunteers are highly valued and respected in Nepal. You will work approx. from 8 to 12.30 or 13:00. A lunch, some free time, and again to work, which is nothing but a hugely rewarding time where your help will report more to you than to them.

In the afternoons, already back at the volunteer house, you will have free time to visit the city or carry out the cultural immersion activities of the program. And on weekends … free to rest, or to travel!


Chiang Mai Volunteers accommodations are ideally located in Suthep, a very quiet area next to the university and within walking distance of projects and stores, restaurants, transportation, etc…

They have rooms for 1 to 2 people with AA, private bathrooms, terrace, lounges, common dining room, TV, internet wifi, kitchen, and much more… And always under the supervision and attention of the coordinator. Everything to make you feel at ease.

And as for the food, we prepare typical Thai dishes that you will love. Rice, legumes, omelettes, vegetables, chicken… 3 meals are included every day.

Thus is the travel we propose you…
are you really going to leave it for later??




We drive to Lampang, in the north of Northern Thailand. During the road trip we will enjoy the breathtaking scenery. We will visit the Elephant Conservation Center, where we will attend a unique show, as well as the Elephant Hospital. We will visit the sacred temple of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep on top of the mountain, a must if you travel to Thailand. Afterwards, a typical Hmong village.


We will visit the hot spring park of Mae Khachan, very popular in Thailand, where we can walk in the waters, boil an egg and buy local handicrafts. Then the majestic white temple of Wat Rong Khun. In the afternoon we will go to Wat Chedi Luang district in the ancient city of Chiang Sean, with hundreds of structures of the oldest kingdom of Thailand and in the Golden Triangle, the border regions between Thailand, Burma and Laos, where Chinese traders used gold to pay for the opium grown there. We will also visit a typical tea farm.


Overnight bus to Kanchanaburi, the main center for sightseeing and excursions in Thailand. We will visit the Erawan National Park and its 7-level waterfall. Hiking, caving or swimming in the middle of the dense rainforest. And a ride on the “Death Railway”, crossing the famous bridge over the River Kwai, visiting “Hellfire Pass” and the World War II Memorial Museum. Overnight at hotel. After breakfast we will visit Kanchanaburi and we can do activities such as bamboo rafting on the River Kwai, etc.


Flight to Krabi, the gateway to the most beautiful part of Thailand and the Phi Phi islands. Krabi has more than 150 islands and rocky outcrops rising above the sea, lined with white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. Offshore, the islands are covered with lush green jungles, towering cliffs, caves, waterfalls and exotic wildlife. Krabi is also more than beaches and islands. Its national parks have hot springs and impressive geological sites. Overnight at the hotel. Visit Railey Beach, Krani and a tour of 7 islands including Railey Beach, Chicken Island, Tub Island, Si Island, Taming Island, Mae Urai Island and Poda Island. Overnight at hotel in Krabi. We will travel to the Phi Phi islands by speedboat, famous for their surreal tropical beauty and natural attractions. We will go to several islands, where you can snorkel, rock climbing, kayaking, jungle trekking, etc. Maya Bay, a spectacular bay protected by 100-meter high cliffs on three sides, is one of the most photographed beaches. Loh Samah Bay, located

 directly behind Maya Bay with a small passage to the National Park. Monkey beach and Pileh lagoon, where we can swim in crystal clear waters surrounded by limestone cliffs. Return to Krabi by boat and overnight at the hotel.


Our Organized Programs include everything (or almost everything), in addition to supervision and assistance at the destination 24 hours, so that you only worry about having a good time and living your experience.


  • Personalized pick up at Chiang Mai International Airport and transfer to accommodation.
  • Guidance and training on Thailand, local customs and the project in which you will collaborate.
  • Accommodation. Three meals per day / seven days per week.
  • Cultural Immersion Activities that you will love.
  • Daily transportation from the accommodation to the project (round trip).
  • Assistance, permanent 24 hours a day, every day. Administrative costs.
  • Transfer to Chiang Mai airport at the end of your volunteering (or Krabi if going to Phi-Phi islands)
  • € 200 Certified Contribution to the CiENViDAS project.
  • International Volunteer Certificate of the CiENViDAS Foundation.


  • Air ticket.
  • Thailand visa (easily processed online).
  • Travel and medical insurance. (*)

* TRAVEL INSURANCE: It is required a travel and health insurance for your peace of mind. You can have yours, or if you prefer, we can offer you our special insurance for volunteers, with cancellation coverage.

For our work we only ask for a donation to our own CiENViDAS Jaipur project. And we will send you the corresponding Donation Certificate, which you can use to deduct in your tax declaration.

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