Since we were born, we have not stopped working! Every day we put our effort and enthusiasm, that is the truth. And this is what we have achieved… by now.

  • Constitution of the CiENViDAS Foundation in Spain, and contribution of € 30,000 from the founders. Opening of our office in Av. Andalucía 27, Málaga, Spain.
  • “100 lives Jaipur” International Cooperation Project. Orphanage Building design that will be home for our 100 girls.
  • Management and signing of Cooperation Agreements with Aashray Care Home and FAITH, our partners NGO´s in project 100 lives Jaipur.
  • Design, organization and implementation of the CiENViDAS Volunteering Travel platform (Traveling Volunteers), with partners in India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa. Personal Selection of programs and conditions for volunteers.
  • Constitution of “Foundation CiENViDAS India”. Our subsidiary NGO based in Jaipur, India, which is the seventh Spanish NGO with a presence in India.
  • Girls Sponsoring platform and management in association with 3 orphanages in Jaipur.


  • Donation of van-ambulance for the transport of children and transfers to the hospital.
  • Assistance and Scholarization of 7 children and girls at Global School and Rawat School, Jaipur.
  • New bedroom construction with toilet as an extension of the capacity of the orphanage that will accommodate ten new girls (Under development).
  • Assistance construction of a study room attached to the orphanage, as girls are currently studying over their beds. (Developing).
  • Medical check-up of the 20 girls and 35 boys of Aashray. Design and implementation of review sheet and Medical History profiles.
  • Girls Sponsoring management and monthly transfers.
  • And a lot of smiles…


A Foundation is an entity with a very high level of legal control and supervision by the authorities, much more so than other types of entities such as “associations”. Trust. And for this, transparency is the key. That is why we decided that we wanted to be a Foundation, despite the complexity involved in its constitution and management. We want everyone to know what we do and we are always willing to send any evidence or documents that are requested. Trust… We dedicate our life to this work, and we want it to be very clear.