the Foundation CiENViDAS


We have already said it: we believe in commitment. And it is with the enthusiasm of our founders and a group of professionals and volunteers that our CiENViDAS Foundation is born. We are a multidisciplinary team, although we all contribute to everyone. And we all share the vision that moves us. Commitment: that is the secret

Atanasio J. Flores de Haro

Industrial Engineer.
Founding Member.

“Even if it was just one, it would be worth it. But there are many girls who will be able to have a life thanks to our effort. Is there anything more important? We can do it, and that’s why we have to do it.“.

Dolores Sánchez

Our legal advisor.

“I have always focused on volunteerism and development cooperation. CiENViDAS is the next step: we can give these HIV-sick girls in India a home, education, food security and health… WE HAVE TO DO IT!“.

Rafael Castillo

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport.
Sport Events Coordinator.

“Devoting my time to helping children who haven’t had the same luck that I have greatly gratifies me. A grain of my illusion and commitment for the future of these children.“.

Mónica Siles

Administrative and travel agent.
Volunteer Travel Coordinator.

“To dedicate my time and illusion to people who need it doesn’t cost anything… it’s a matter of choice. If you look at the faces of these girls and think about what their lives have been like, it will be worth every minute of effort to change their world.”

Genoveva García

Our Community Manager.

“There are two reasons why I joined the CiENViDAS team: my career as a Sociologist, in which I have contributed my knowledge and experience, and it is also a great opportunity to help social transformation by creating a horizon for the future for many girls in Jaipur.“.

Jennifer Muguerza

Degree in Human Resources
Event Coordinator

“Children are the future of every society. And helping these girls to have a home where they can grow up and become women is a great stimulus to carry this dream forward.”

Sergio Pérez

Technical Engineer in Computers.
In charge of our website and technologies.

“At the time I was asked to be part of this team, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Giving these girls a chance to have a better life is reason enough.”

Nieves Diaz

One of our photographers
“What really moves me to want to participate in this project is to be able, through my images, to show and make people aware of the situation of these girls and that they may have a future.”

Veronica Tironi

“What really moves me to want to participate in this project is, through the smiles of these children, being able to learn the value of life, the land of people and emotions.”

Sourajyoti Choudhury

Relationship coordinator with India.
“When the founder of this wonderful initiative told me about CiENViDAS, I understood that I could contribute my knowledge about the reality of my country, that my effort and illusion could really help those girls have a life.”

Priscila Briganti

Systems and Networks Technician.
Coordinator in the Canary Islands.

“Unfortunately, there are many children around the world who cannot meet their basic needs, but the main one is to put an end to the discrimination they suffer. Stigma and rejection is what leads me to fight for this project.”

Elena Ybarra

Pedagogue and International Cooperation Technician.
“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m worth their smiles”


A Foundation is an entity with a very high level of legal control and supervision by the authorities, much more so than other types of entities such as “associations”. Trust. And for this, transparency is the key. That is why we decided that we wanted to be a Foundation, despite the complexity involved in its constitution and management. We want everyone to know what we do and we are always willing to send any evidence or documents that are requested. Trust… We dedicate our life to this work, and we want it to be very clear.