FUNDACION CiENViDAS, registered in the Registry of Foundations under number MA-1466, is a non-profit, charitable NGO. According to our statutes, the aims of general interest of the Foundation are:

  • Defense of human rights.
  • Social assistance and social inclusion.
  • Educational.
  • Development cooperation.
  • Volunteer promotion.
  • Support for equal opportunities between men and women.
  • Promotion and attention to people at risk of exclusion for physical, social or cultural reasons.
  • Establishment of solidarity links between people and territories.

These generic objectives will focus on attending girls in India, mainly infected and affected by the HIV virus, whose status as orphans or with parents who cannot take care of them puts them in a position of helplessness and social rejection leading to abandonment and even death.

To achieve the afore mentioned purposes, the Foundation will carry out the following activities:

  1. Construction of Orphanages, Shelters, Schools and Medical Pavilions.
  2. Support for living, schooling, medical care and training expenses.
  3. Support for non-profit organizations dedicated to the same purpose.


In CiENViDAS we do not undertake isolated projects. All our efforts are directed towards the same goal: the Integral Protection Program for girls with H.I.V. – Jaipur, which ranges from the most urgent and basic needs (health and home – Humanitarian side), to schooling and the promotion of equal opportunities.



The program is organized through a series of projects that make up an autonomous and sustainable unit: Health and home-orphanage for 100 girls (both already initiated), as well as a small farm and a school for 400 places, which will provide education to our 100 girls and the 300 additional children.

Sustainability is guaranteed by the collaboration of our partner NGO in Jaipur, FAITH AALINGAN, the contributions of CiENViDAS in sponsorships, the contribution of food and the profitability of agricultural and livestock exploitation, and school fees from the free places in the school.

A full life, a future. That is our goal.

We estimate that more than 500 girls will be able to have a life in the orphanage, and that more than 2,000 will have access to an education in the school (average life of the buildings estimated at 50 years).


…just a drop in the ocean… but the ocean would be less without that same drop”

Mother Teresa


A Foundation is an entity with a very high level of legal control and supervision by the authorities, much more so than other types of entities such as “associations”. Trust. And for this, transparency is the key. That is why we decided that we wanted to be a Foundation, despite the complexity involved in its constitution and management. We want everyone to know what we do and we are always willing to send any evidence or documents that are requested. Trust… We dedicate our life to this work, and we want it to be very clear.