Project 100 Lives Jaipur


Rajasthan, India.

6,650 children inherit HIV at birth… every year. Orphaned and sick because of their weak immune system, they suffer stigma and prejudice to the point of being abandoned on some road.

But not all run that luck… For 100 of those girls, we don’t want to build a shelter… or a building where they can sleep, eat, laugh, go to school and get medical treatment. For those 100 girls, we want to build… a Home

Spirit of the Project


Mahí, Indra, Kushbu, Tanu… Those girls, all of them, are affectionate, close.
They look you in the eye with sincerity and thanks.
They are responsible and applied at school, they even win medals.
They take care of the little ones with the consideration of an older sister.
They are always willing to help, and of course, to play! … So are those girls.

Project Videos


A Foundation is an entity with a very high level of legal control and supervision by the authorities, much more so than other types of entities such as “associations”. Trust. And for this, transparency is the key. That is why we decided that we wanted to be a Foundation, despite the complexity involved in its constitution and management. We want everyone to know what we do and we are always willing to send any evidence or documents that are requested. Trust… We dedicate our life to this work, and we want it to be very clear.