Aashray has secured international benefactors and the necessary support from the local community to build and maintain its building for 100 boys. But they do not have the resources to undertake the specific project for girls.
And this is where we come in: the CiENViDAS Foundation will take over the construction of the home for 100 girls and transfer it to Aashray.

This household project, -orphanage that we have baptized as "100 lives Jaipur", is part of our Foundation's Integral Protection Program for girls with HIV, which is articulated through a series of projects forming an autonomous and sustainable unit: health project, the home-orphanage for 100 girls (both already initiated), as well as a small farm and a school for 400 places, which will provide education for our 100 girls and the 100 boys of Aashray.

Sustainability is guaranteed by the following:

  • The push and dedication of Aashray Care Home.
  • The contributions of the Foundation for the sponsorship of children.
  • The contribution of food and the profitability of the agricultural and livestock project.
  • School fees for the 200 free places in the school.

Regarding medical care, the government provides antiretroviral treatment for HIV. But there is no public hospital near Nevta, so we will build a Medical Pavilion in our orphanage as part of the Health Care Project, intended for the first care and care of Aashray's 100 boys and our 100 girls. In more severe cases, children will be transferred to the hospital. For this, Aashray has a small air-conditioned ambulance donated by the CiENViDAS Foundation (also integrated into our Sanitary Project).

The Foundation will provide the necessary medical staff, a doctor and a nurse, through our volunteer promotion platform and the cooperation of volunteer associations at the international level. Volunteers will reside in the Medical Pavilion itself during their volunteering. Also, there will be the cooperation of the local government.

With regard to the schooling of girls and as part of our Integral Protection Program, we will build the School Project, which will also serve the 100 boys of Aashray and our 100 girls. And while we execute the project, the girls will attend public schools around the village of Nevta. These are small schools, but perhaps for this reason they maintain close and close supervision with each student.

Periodically, Aashray will inform CiENVIDAS of the school and medical evolution of girls. Likewise, a CiENViDAS delegate will visit the complex every year to evaluate the fulfillment of the objectives.