Being a woman in India is a harder road to travel. There are still many barriers to break down to achieve equality. And that's why we want to focus precisely on the girls. We want them to have the same opportunities. We want them to have the same winning tickets for that lottery.

So it is simple: we intend to build a new building, a Home for 100 girls.

The Foundation CiENViDAS India is managing to acquire the land and preparing to take charge of the works. Once finished, we will transfer the facilities at zero cost to our partner NGO´s Aashray - FAITH. The new Home will host the 20 girls currently residing in the center's house, releasing those facilities to be used for HIV positive boys.

Our building will be located in the village of Nevta, to the southwest of Jaipur, in the surroundings of the other Aashray´s building, so that the joint operation of both is facilitated.

Project is divided into phases:


Common areas (kitchen, dining room, library, workshops ...), accommodation 50 girls. And as part of the Health Care Project (also initiated due to its urgent nature), the Medical Pavilion is incorporated, with care room and 6 beds. It will serve both buildings, the boys one from Aashray and our 100 girls from CiENViDAS.


Common areas and accommodation 50 girls.

The project will be undertaken in phases, so as to allow the opening and putting into operation of Phase 1 in the shortest possible time, and incidentally, stagger the investment, which would be structured by terms and amounts as follows:

Plot: 54.511 €  
Expenses: 10.000 € (Architect, permits, and other). 

Phase 1: 120.000 €. Upon work certifications during 1 year.
Expenses (Trips, licenses...): 5.000 €. Upon work certifications during 1 year.

Phase 2: 80.000 €. Upon work certifications during 1 year.
Expenses (Finishing and working condition permits): 5.000 €. 2 years